Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Change is afoot!

Ah, today Virtual Dinner Partner has a new look and an upgrade at the blog site. This is the first step of some experimentation. I love the plastic quality of a blog: it morphs, it starts as one thing and becomes another.

I have had a long run with the menu format of Virtual Dinner Partner and I am going to minimize those postings to a few days a week (they are not going away...after all, the blog is still called "virtual dinner partner.") I am adding new favorite recipes. I am always looking for new meals to try because I tend to run out of ideas.

I am upgrading the movement and meditation commentary. I am not entirely clear about the form so I will experiment and see how it morphs. Don't worry, it will not be about sets and reps. Instead, I will focus on direction and improvement. I want Virtual Dinner Partner to become dinner talk about dreams of climbing big mountains, and plans to make it happen, stories about stepping out, trying new things, and living a joyfully active life. I will include progress reports, problem solving, and setback resolution. Inspiration will be my focus ...mainly the people and stories that keep me going.

Virtual Dinner Partner will continue with a personal focus. One of the things I have really wanted as I have made major health changes is the true stories of others who have walked similar journeys. There are success stories, but the truth is I regularly fall on my face. I want to hear those stories too so I am stepping out and telling mine. Sustainable change requires experimentation. Frankly, some experiments don't work. Sometimes you have to cut your losses, walk away and figure out something else. Failure and resiliance are as much a part of my story as success is. Also, some days are better than others.

I would love feedback. I want to hear other people's stories. I would love to see other blogs like this.



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