Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finding the way

Today, on my walk in the woods, I took a detour on an old path that has been out of use for a number of years. In other seasons it is overgrown and flooded. It leads to a major stream and it used to have a small footbridge that led to a long uphill path. The ground was frozen and a light snow marked the contours of the old trail. I carefully walked the icy ground to the stream and looked to the continuation of the path uphill . A number of years ago a larger bridge was built upstream and a new uphill path was built from there.

I bushwhacked upstream to the new bridge and found vestiges of an old transitional path people probably travelled as the newer bridge was being built. One of those "let's go see what's happening upstream" ...or perhaps "let's go look at the old bridge" footpaths as things were transitioning.

I've walked by the old path for years but lack of a clear entrance and mud kept me from exploring. I am glad I got a good look today...I just wanted to see what was there.

Some days I wish some of my old patterns of living had entry portals so obscured I have no desire to travel the route. I usually take the new bridge but sometimes I find myself travelling the old route. Transitional paths are still present. Maybe I just need look downstream from the new bridge to remember the old way without actually visiting it.



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