Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Virtual Dinner Partner

I left home early this morning for a conference on global warming. It seems odd to write about it in Virtual Dinner Partner, which focuses on health but I think global warming is another manifestation of unbalanced energy consumption. I see similar patterns of denial and confusion about how to deal with these dilemmas. Both are tremendously complex and multifaceted.

Some patterns of consumption seem rather straight forward...SUV's are bad for the environment as are super-sized fast food servings for our bodies but the day to day little stuff can seem confusing. Do I need to take vitamins? Should I turn out the lights when I leave the room?

What really makes a difference? What sustainable changes can I make? How do I land these changes so I can follow through with relative ease on a daily basis? What outlay of resources do I need to make? Should I buy a more energy efficient refrigerator? Should I hire a trainer so I keep moving?

We have well established unquestioned ways of living that impact not only our personal lives, but the lives of everyone around us. I have thinking a lot lately about the intersection of health and ecology. Can I eat meat from factory farms now that I understand the ecological impact of these farming practices? Is this meat healthy to eat in the first place? Can I turn a blind eye to the animals who become our food sources?

I have lots of questions and confusion. It seems there are not many easy, straight forward answers when I really start to ask questions and do the research.

Sleep: about 8 hours

one yolk and egg beaters omlette
tiny bran muffin
half a Tri-lo-plex bar
a few swallows of orange juice
1:00 at restaurant
crab cakes
lettuce & tomato
mixed steamed veggies
chocolate covered pretzels
chocolate heaven
beans and escarole soup
chocolate covered espresso beans
corn chips

Totals: 3 fruits and 5 veggies
Rest day: I took a 2 hour nap and I feel like I finally caught up on my sleep. Food cravings have been getting the best of me and I think tiredness has been a factor.

What is the answer? In that case, what is the question?
~Gertrude Stein


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