Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Virtual Dinner Partner

Weekly recap: This week was unusual because I was out of town visiting my original virtual dinner partner. She became my actual dinner partner for the week. We had fun cooking together, and cooking for each other. The experience has me thinking I would enjoy getting together with other friends to cook favorite healthy recipes.

I frequently go to dinner parties. The intention behind our meals together felt different from that...we introduced favorite staples from everyday menus. I had a long period of vegetarianism in my early adulthood so I had fun making bean dishes and Middle Eastern favorites. I was treated with her down-home eggs and squash which I loved. We did not delve for a single minute into "diet head" eating...we had satisfying, full-bodied, healthy, balanced meals.

My friend is a consummate athlete and it was good for me to be surrounded by that way of living. She bikes for transportation, works out in a gym (weights) and runs regularly. I walked a lot while I was visiting. Some of my walking was transportation, some was hiking, some was sight-seeing. At home, I try to walk daily but my intention is to spend time in the woods and to get some movement in my day. The utilitarian transportation element is missing from my walks. I enjoyed that while I visited. People in that part of the country frequently rely on muscle powered transportation. The city I was visiting is set up for easy, safe pedestrian and bike traffic. Athletic clothing is seen everywhere. The population is lean and healthy. I was struck by that my first day in town. Obesity is not as widespread as it is back east. I wonder what my body history would be if I spent my life there.

I want to climb some mountains. The taste I got hiking the outskirts of town whetted my appetite for more. I am excited about getting in shape to do that. My friend is going to research possibilities. Now I need to get stronger.

Sleep: about 8 hours. Sleep still a little confused - not sure what time zone I am in. I was going to bed late and getting up early in Rockies. Now I am going to bed late and getting up tired and late. It is reckoning time and my guess is I will settle in the next few days.

1/2 c nf cottage cheese, clementine, and 2 tbsps walnuts
2 c black tea
deli turkey, lettuce and honey mustard on whole grain wrap
2 prunes and 1 date
pretzel chips (1 serving)
2:00 tired and wanting to sleep
chocolate covered espresso beans (2 tbsp)
beef barley soup (homemade)

Totals: 3 fruits and 2 veggies. I need to go shopping for vegetables. When I am not cooking they do not show up nearly as frequently in family meals.

Movement and Meditation: one hour walk in the woods. Walked at fast pace. I still marvel at the altitude difference. Air was balmy and warm. Sun was setting.

If you have one true friend you have more than your share.
~Thomas Fuller


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