Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Recap

It's Friday again and I have to say it wasn't the greatest week for self care but that is how it goes...some weeks are better than others.

A lot was happening this week. I ate out three times and had one carry out meal. I usually eat my own simply prepared meals. There were lots of cooks stirring the pot in my life this week. I enjoy an occasional dinner out with special people and that was true for two of the meals. The other two meals were for convenience.

I focused on meal location, hunger and saiety (fullness) this week. The results are difficult to assess. Hari hachi bu the Okinawan practice of eating until 80% full was my guideline. "10 til full" is challenging for me to identify. I will continue paying attention and report occasionally.

I will walk a middle path with this practice. Some meals are functional, especially when I have limited time and I simply need to fuel up for what is happening in my day. Hari hachi bu and the state of mindfulness required is my long term focus.

I found eating at the table definitely helps with mindfulness. I will continue to work to do that at least once a day.

I walked 4 hours and 20 minutes and I didn't do any resistance training. Again, some weeks slip by and I do less. During the next weeks, I plan to get my winter resistance training under way and I want to walk more. I will be spending next week with my friend who truly inspires me this way. I am sure our time together will jump start my enthusiasm. Tracking this area will become more descript.

I will be in the Rocky Mountains for the first time. I am sure I will feel inspired to explore mountain terrain after visiting that area of the country. I hope to decide about my new hiking boots soon.

My focus started with meals with Blogger Virtual Dinner Partner...that is where I started with my original partner but we quickly moved to much broader areas of our lives. The 'meal' focus holds true to the broader context. A meal satisfies appetite. I consciously chose that word as I was looking at saiety.

I also see appetite on a broader scale than stomach fullness. A meal is one of many opportunities to experience fullness and satisfaction in a whole life sense.

Frequently, broader satisfaction is what I am looking for when I turn to food. I believe the glory of life can be celebrated in that context in a way that promotes health. I am finding my way even though the path is not always clear.


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