Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Virtual Dinner Partner

I am back after a one week holiday hiatus. I am relieved that most of the dinner dates and parties are over...just a few more to go. The last two days have felt a little more normal. I walked and I ate at home. Also, I wasn't making cookies. I make healthy cookies but they are tremendously appealing as they come out of the oven.

Walking again makes me feel much more alive and my food cravings fall when I get outside regularly. What a relief to have two good walks in two days!

My weight is up a little...won't say how much! I am sure the rich food and lack of exercise are good reasons but I also have not been eating my own low salt cooking and possibly menstrual cycle is playing a role as well. I'll be watching the scales carefully during the next few weeks. I take care of weight gains before they get out of hand. I have a lifetime of lessons in that department. I expect occasional small gains, and I have also learned I need to take care of weight gains while they are small.

Sleep: about 8 and a half hours and up at 7:30

oatmeal (1/3 c before cooked)
1/2c nf cottage cheese, clementine, and 2 tbsp walnuts
3 c black tea
chocolate heaven
2 tbsp unsalted peanuts
beans and escarole
1 serving of whole grain crackers
mozzarella cheese stick
half an Asian pear
half a Tri-lo-plex bar
banana crisps
soy cheese
6:30 (not cooked by me)
veggie stir fry with chicken sausage and pineapple

Totals: 3 veggies and 4 fruits

Movement and Meditation: walk in the woods for and hour and 15 minutes. Cool breezes and sunshine made today perfect for walking.

This is the lesson that history teaches: repetition.
~Gertrude Stein

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.
~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


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