Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Virtual Dinner Partner

Today is recap day, something I did on a weekly basis with my original virtual dinner partner. Depending on what was happening or how either one of us was feeling, recap showed up in a number of forms: lists of changes, lists of accomplishments, lists of problems, and bulleted ranting. It also frequently appeared in a narrative form with thoughts, discussion, dreams, questions, and of course ranting.

Today is the 10th day of Blogger Virtual Dinner Partner. According to the statistics kept by the site 16 people have visited. I have gotten several thoughtful emails which I completely appreciate and I am considering posting an email site for the blog to open up the conversation.

Doing Virtual Dinner Partner as a blog feels odd. It is extraordinarily revealing which is unusual for me because I tend to be private but I am enjoying writing it. When this was a dyad practice I loved seeing how my partner was living her life on this fundamental level. Strangely enough, I have always dreaded conversations with people who engage in "what I ate today" run-downs. Doing this feels different.

It doesn't feel confessional (although it is), it feels more like a way of being present with other people. With my original partner there wasn't a whole lot of commentary back and forth about choices unless it was requested. That felt right and it worked to help me stay aware of choices I was making on a day to day basis.

Doing the blog feels bigger. I initially said I was committed to one week and if it was just too weird I would stop. Ten days have passed and I want to write about a range topics within this odd format. So I am committing to continue until the end of November. Then I'll take another look to see if I want to continue another month.

This week I walked 4 hours and did 2 complete cycles of full body resistance training. I bought new low hikers because I have walked the treads off my last pair. I also started shopping for hiking boots. That is a big step because I tell shoe sales people what I am looking for...serious shoes for serious hiking. That is a substantial turning point! I am shopping in outdoor stores and the sales people are outdoor athletes. I'm joining the ranks and it feels exciting.

I was eating the same meals days on end, which is something I fall into frequently. I feel like I broke the cycle and I have a little more range in my menu's.

I cut back on sweets this week. I had one dessert. I definitely feel better. I still get carbohydrate cravings but they are under better control. Eating more tri-lo-plex bars than I would like but they are a little better than candy and cookies.

My weight has equalized and I am back to my standard around 185. I am sticking to my resolve to maintain this weight through the holiday season.

Next week I would like to continue with variety as a focus in my menus. I want to step up my resistance training and walking to get ready for my trip to Boulder where I will be really active. I want to continue shopping for hiking boots.

I want to start tracking my use of the lux light and see if my energy level is better on really gray days. I noticed I was dragging on gray days this week.

I want to step up formal sitting meditation practice to at least 10 minutes a day to start. Walking is my meditation practice presently which feels right for me but I like the experience I have with sitting and I would like to return to it as well.

I want to finish reading Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

Sleep: about 6 hours & up at 5
Lux light: about an hour

1/2c nf cottage cheese, grapes, 2 tbsp walnuts, and 1/3c kashi pilaf grains
2 c black tea
chocolate heaven
whole wheat crackers
chicken and whole wheat spagetti in marinara sauce
tossed salad with 6g fat canola based dressing
Asian pear
half a tri-lo-plex bar
beans and greens with a little soy cheese
deli turkey on small whole wheat pita

Totals: 3 fruits and 5 veggies

Movement and Meditation: hour long walk in the woods. Clear sky and thankfully the rain has stopped. Warm enough to walk in shirt-sleeves.

Words, like nature half reveal and half conceal the soul within.
~Alfred Lord Tennyson


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