Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vernal Equinox

It's spring! The vernal equinox happens today. The days and nights are equal length. I can definitely see the change in the light. It is stronger and things seem more vivid. This year is special because Daylight Savings Time started a month earlier so the sunset seems to be happening much later in the day. I love this change.

I live in New England where spring is a light phenomenon. The weather does not always fit the season. We had a major snowstorm last week and massive icicles are hanging from my eaves and snow is sliding off the roof. However, I have heard a few birds.

Spring is a time of hope for me. I feel like I am ready to crawl out of my cave and take a good look at what is happening in the world. After I stretch, I want to get moving again. It's time for fresh beginnings.

What is next? Where will I focus during my high energy time?
It is time to cull the seeds and decide what to plant.

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