Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feeling those muscles

And I have to say for the most part it feels good to be just a little sore. I did arm and leg resistance training yesterday. My left shoulder is feeling extra sore. I will have to give it some TLC. The lateral raises probably caused that soreness.

The honest truth is it has been about two weeks since I have done any lifting...and probably two months since I was on my regular cycle of whole body resistance training at least two times a week, spread out over several sessions.

I need to get back to pumping iron. I can schedule it with relative ease. The problem is I just don't love it. Lifting makes me feel better after I do it and helps me get strong enough to do the things I really love. It's vitally important to do it at this point in my life to maintain bone and muscle. I feel better too when I am lifting regularly. I have more energy and I am less likely to feel all over achiness.

My resolve is to get back to my steady schedule from this summer. It's not a first love but one of those supports that keeps me going....I am usually happy lifting after I have been at the Y for about 15 or 20 minutes and something kicks in(endorphins?....a can-do spirit....actually feeling good) and I am OK until I finish. I wish I loved the gym atmosphere. It's not a walk in the woods for me.



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