Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Notes from sometime this summer...

I am in perfectionism mode. I am consistently logging every day and I've had changes I've kept up during this process. Virtual Dinner Partner keeps me on course in a huge way....but I am also wondering, will I be able to maintain these changes without this level of vigilance? The answer is I really don't know. My guess is, right now, I probably couldn't, which has me feeling conflicted.

I want to live in a health promoting way that happens with ease....happens naturally without a whole lot of thought, planning or doing. It is as automatic as driving. I get in the car and drive...I don't think about putting on my seat-belt or staying on the right side of the road or looking out for other cars, the gas gets low and I buy more gas...I just do it. I want to live and eat and move that way. I want to be conscious in an appreciative sense....the blessings of good living. But I want to focus otherwise on bigger concerns in my world. I am feeling I need to stay here to be able to move to a new level of health and maintain the changes I've made. I am feeling tethered....necessarily so.



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